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Preventing Violence and Increasing Pro-social Behavior In Males Through Education and Action.

The Building a Better Man Project


American Psychological Association Division 51 Outstanding Advocate for Boys Award



National Association of Black Journalists

Salute to Excellence Award

​​​Our goal at The Building a Better Man Project – an admittedly ambitious one – is to reduce violence in our culture. Our distinctive take on this issue involves an examination of how young men (who are responsible for the vast majority of violence) are socialized in that direction from boyhood onward, regardless of skin color or background, and that the key to prevention lies in changing that socialization and, ultimately, the American definition of what it is to be a man.


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The Building a Better Man Project

Ramel Smith, PhD

Hector Torres, PsyD

William Seymour, PhD

Their seminars have been lauded by participants as “inspirational,” “thought provoking,” and “powerful!”  They have been described as “three strong but very different voices” and

“awesome speakers!”

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